Inside the Duomo are kept many precious tapestries and sculptures of differing styles, some of which date back to the first cathedral: the romanesque lions converted into holy water fonts and the high altar adorned with gothic reliefs carved into white marble dating back to 1317, the sarcophagi of the bishops Avvocati (†1293) and Bonifacio from Modena (†1352); the Renaissance stone altars that originally were painted, three of which by Tommaso Rodari; the stuccoes of the apses’ vaults depicting the Assumption by Francesco Silva and the Resurrection by Agostino Silva, the Evangelists by Gaspare Mola from Coldrerio on the dome’s pendentives, and Pompeo Marchesi’s neoclassical sculptures (in the central apse and the altar of saint Joseph). 

Among the XVI th century painters is worth menctioning Bernardo Luini, Gaudenzio Ferrari, Antonio Sacchiense from Pordenone and, for the XVII th century, the Morazzone. Also worth of menction are the vaults’ decorators Carlo Fontana and Francesco Gabetta (1839) and, among the stained glass decorators, the Bertinis (XIX th century).

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