Firmamento musicale

Back again this year – on the occasion of the celebrations for the solemnity of Mary’s Assumption to Heaven (15th August), to whom our Cathedral is dedicated – the artistic initiative “Firmamento Musicale” (Musical Heavens).

From 6th August, every night at 9.00 pm (excluding Sunday 11th), the wide aisles of the Cathedral will resound with music under the fascinating illuminated vaults.

Once again, the collaboration offered by the association “Amici dell’organo” (Friends of the organ) of Breccia is valuable and remarkable: an extra light in the artistic and spiritual splendour of this Augustan initiative.
Several organists will alternate to the organ console of the Cathedral: in addition to the holder of the organ Cathedral and some auxiliaries, to some welcome guests (many of them young), there will also be an evening of organ and trumpet.

The program of performances appears varied and includes foreign and Italian authors from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth century: from Bach to Listz, from Mendelssohn to Bossi, also including music composed by the Chapel Masters of Como Cathedral, among whom Luigi Picchi’s music cannot be missed.

The monumental organs of the Cathedral (6515 canes arranged in five different bodies) are called “symphonic-eclectic” for their particular aesthetics: on them you can perform music from historical periods even very far from each other. A kaleidoscope of musical timbres and colours awaits us, of harmonic combinations belonging to worlds apparently different but which reveal the unique beauty of this music born for the greater glory of God (ad maiorem Dei gloriam), according to the expression dear also to the great Johann Sebastian Bach.

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